today we are here, all four at the helm, Piero, Anna, and Emanuela, to show you something that will leave a happy memory in your heart.

Something more about us!

La Cantina Sant’Evasio, now in its third generation, born on one of the highest hills and the best positioned of Nizza Monferrato.
The farm takes its name from a chapel which was built in the eighteenth century, calling the bishop of Casale Sant’Evasio.
The farms of the farm stretched for acres in the hills of San Nicolao. The chapel was demolished during the Second World War, but remained its lands, vineyards and wine culture that had accompanied her up to that point.


Just for fun but even with an immense passion Mr. Lacqua in the sixties acquired the farmhouse and grounds with the idea of ​​continuing and increasing what had been created up to that point.
Its initial production was limited to close friends, but glass after glass he came to be known by many who esteemed him for his products and his work.
With the help of his son Pier Franco, who in 1984 passed at the helm, started the modernization and growth of the winery.
Tradition and modernity, the binomial Sant’Evasio, the products of a time with modern technology.
The undisputed star of the production was and is the “Barbera d’Asti” in all its facets, whose vineyards still surround the company. The area is suitable for the production of some of the DOC and DOCG world’s most distinguished as Barbera, Moscato, Dolcetto and so.
The vineyards of the winery extend around the farm to 10 hectares.
A famous journalist tells him: “… a winemaker retiring, those who do little to make themselves known ….”
The type of wine grows, and new technologies come alongside the tradition bequeathed by years of hard work by Carlo.
You can perceive perceives the union between man and land, a productive, ethical and cultural towards the future but has its strong roots in the irremissible past.
Piero, with the help of his wife Anna, carries on his father’s dream: to create something that can make a mark in the soul of the people.
A dream is now shared by all his family: his son Andrea in 1996, oenologist, manages the production and since 2001 also his daughter Emanuela joins the entourage of the winery business.
The philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach wrote that “we are what we eat” … what we eat reflects who we are, who we will become but also the ethical principles in which we identify. There is an ethic of Food, a natural propensity to seek peace and harmony in the food we want for nature, animals, humanity and for ourselves, since our choice always has its consequences.
The company philosophy is to eat and drink healthy and natural quality products.
The care of the land, the selection of grapes and wine-making and attention to the meticulous winemaking characterize the production process of the Cellar Sant’Evasio.

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